Impressum / Imprint

Impressum / Imprint

Store: Rons RC
Franziskanerplatz 10 / III
8010 GRAZ
Operated By: Ron
Tel.:+43 (0) 2433229

So here's my story,

Back in October of 2019, I decided to buy myself an RC for Christmas. I had no idea what I was in for. I bought a whole bunch of upgrades thinking I could build a built proof Noto. Haha. Long story short, I have needed a lot of replacement parts. And, around about first week of February, 2020 I ran across a thread about parts breakers and the fact that there aren't any in the EU. Well, I decided that although it doesn't seem to be a profitable business model I would start one for the benefit of the EU bashing community and myself. I guess you could say I'm taking the "Just Send It!" approach to this😅.

So my goal is to provide inexpensive parts to the bashers outside of the united states. And, generate just enough revenue to pay for my time and keep me in spare parts. This means that you can order parts from me without the additional import fees, higher shipping costs, and long delivery wait times. I expect that on average you will receive your order within 3 to 5 days.

I tried to do this informally (on Facebook) but quickly realized it is an all or nothing thing. The shop selection is a little limited to start, but if you message me with what you need I will put it on the priority list of what to stock next. Unfortunately, the shop doesn't have an option for you to get notified when stock is available so you will need to message me for that.

Oh ya, don't forget to like and follow my FB page (@ronsrc)!!! 😁👊 I need your love. And, a big, big, shout out to all those that supported and encouraged me to do this; and a bigger shout out to those who have already ordered from me.